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Shaughnessy Village - Montreal

District Profile

A one-time village (as the name implies), today this area is the highest-density neighborhood in Québec measured in terms of residents per square kilometer. Located just west of Downtown Montreal (Centre-ville) (Rue Guy is the neighborhood's eastern border), Shaughnessy Village is known for inexpensive restaurants, inexpensive shopping and even some inexpensive housing options (well, within reason: this is still the center of the city). Several buildings belonging to Concordia University are sprinkled around the neighborhood (most of the university's buildings are east of Rue Guy, however) and students make up a significant proportion of the neighborhood's residents.

Although Shaughnessy Village is light on architectural landmarks per se (most of the area's buildings are rather drab apartment blocks), one notable exception is the Canadian Center for Architecture at the southern edge of the neighborhood. The residential blocks just to the north are rather unique and interesting, too. Weather permitting, be sure to visit the CCA garden (just across Boulevard René-Lévesque from the center).

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