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Pink Pony

Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 23/Nov/2006
Pink Pony The Lower East Side is a great area to spend an evening, peppered with divey bars, music venues, boutiques and cafes. The West Village is home to more French Cafes, but The Pink Pony on the East side is one not to be missed.

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In the thick of it on Ludlow Street, The Pink Pony is dark, intimate and quaint. The walls are lined with shelves of books, antique mirrors and old fashioned French advertisements. There are candles lit everywhere, and the warm and rustic feel is perfect for a date.

Being vegetarian, I'm addicted to the eggplant napoleon and the vegetable lasagna. They also have great creative salads and a good veggie burger. My friend swears by their steak au poivre and french onion soup. The staff constantly replenishes your table with fresh baguette. I've heard that the service can be lacking, but their current staff seems to be very attentive.

During the day, The Pink Pony is a great place to get probably the best cappuccino in the area, bring a book or work, and watch the Lower East Side hustle and bustle. When I've felt like lugging my laptop, I've sat there for hours working on articles like this!

Pink Pony
176 Ludlow Street
New York City, NY
Phone: (212) 253-1922

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