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Walking Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Posted by Lori in New York on 14/Nov/2006
Probably one of the most famous bridges in the world, The Brooklyn Bridge totally lives up to its reputation. Many of my friends who have lived in New York for years have never journeyed over it. Tourists from around the world come and walk it, why don't we? So I decided it was my time to do the deed.

Brooklyn Bridge
That awesome bridge!
I took the E to the first stop in Brooklyn, High Street, which is literally next to the entrance to the bridge. In no time, I was approaching the famous lines of cables that support the suspension. Unlike other Manhattan bridges, the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge is in the center, rather than on the sides, providing an expansive view of the city in front of you.

I'll just come out and say it - the view and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge was absolutely spectacular. Any New Yorker who does not take an hour to experience it is really missing out on the greatness of living in New York. With uptown stretching to your right, and lower Manhattan on your left, it's a lot to get distracted by, so don't get hit by those crazy bikers going 100 mph! Don't worry, the path is separated into pedestrian and bike lanes. I felt like a total tourist, constantly looking up, left, right, not paying any attention to anyone that I might be walking into. When I walked over it was late in the day, so the water was all lit up by the slowly setting sun, with the Statue of Liberty standing out in the distance. About 20 minutes later I was in Manhattan, and greeted by an Alexander Calder sculpture which sits at the entrance to the bridge.

There is much to see on the Manhattan side, with gorgeous City Hall a few steps away, the historic courts buildings, Battery Park and the shopping of Century 21 nearby, as well as several subway lines to the rest of the city.

I'd always seen those great black and white photos for sale on the streets of the bridge with its sharp network of cables and cityscape in the background. This year, I'm going to take my own.

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