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Doug Aitken at MoMA - or rather ON MoMA

Posted by Lori in New York on 02/Feb/2007
MOMA: Aitken I've always loved the Museum of Modern Art. Even during its brief hiatus in [Queens] (which is now PS 1 Contemporary Art Center). The powers that be behind MoMA have a way of presenting work in an exciting and original manner, and I mean, how many ways can you really present art in a museum context? And of course, I'm impressed again with MoMA's latest project by Doug Aitken.

Commissioned by the museum and the art organization Creative Time, Aitken has created eight continuous film sequences that are projected on the outside surfaces of MoMa. This is the first work in the United States to be showcased on the outside of a museum!

The projections can been seen on the smooth white walls of the 53rd and 54th Street outsides, which are perfect movie screens. Even more engaging, it is also projected on several walls inside the Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, which is surrounded by the walkways in the museum itself. Therefore, visitors to the museum also become part of the exhibition, as the films are projected on them as they look out into the garden.

The film follows five characters, played by Tilda Swinton, Seu George, Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power), Donald Sutherland and Ryan Donowho. The characters, from different backgrounds, all make nocturnal journeys into Manhattan. Aitken intended to portray the city as a living being, and when his film is seen on the walls of MoMA, with Midtown buildings rising high above you from every direction, you can't help but feel his success.

The best part of all this is, you can go for FREE! I mean, it is outside...but MoMA has even opened the Sculpture Garden to passersby free of charge. The films are lengthy, so it's worth it to go a few times. Check it out on a really cold night, but sit inside the garden with a hot cocoa and follow the characters more closely on a mild night. Talk about cheap and romantic date!

The films play from 5pm-10pm every night until February 12.
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