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New Terminal (2G) at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Posted by Gromco in Paris on 10/Sep/2008
On September 3rd, the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) opened a new terminal, 2G. The terminal will serve flights within France (30%) and more broadly, within the Schengen zone (70%). Air France will be the principal carrier using it, along with three "partner" airlines (Régional, Brit Air, CityJet) who are all, in fact, subsidiaries of Air France.

With the addition of 2G, airport Charles de Gaulle aims to improve transfer options between regional flights, strengthening its role as a European "hub" of Air France.

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CDG 2G Transportation The terminal, which was constructed over the past three years in the eastern section of the airport at a cost of 94 million euro, exhibits all the trappings of modernity one would expect from this latest addition - Wi-Fi connectivity throughout, laptop charging stations, electronic check-in terminals (Bornes Libre Service) and so on. Parking space for 750 cars is also provided. The terminal is connected to the mini-metro line linking it to the other CDG terminals.

Food-wise, the main dining option is a 200 sq/m café/restaurant "Bert's" offering both "fast" and "slow" food service in three different spaces (lounge, restaurant, snack bar).

CDG 2G Berts

The destinations served by the new terminal include:

  • Munster (Germany)
  • Clermont-Ferrand (France)
  • Bremen (Germany)
  • Göteborg (Sweden)
  • Hannover (Germany)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Pau (France)
  • Nuremberg (Germany)
  • Bâle/Mulhouse (France/Germany/Switzerland)
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Verona (Spain)
  • Vigo (Spain)
  • Brest (France)
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