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Valencia Beaches Going Wireless

Posted by Gromco in Valencia on 05/Sep/2008
Playa de la Malvarrosa
Playa de la Malvarrosa. Photo by Freshwater2006.
If you're the type who just can't leave their work behind, even on vacation, Valencia may be the right place for you. Since July, the municipal government is running WiFi access points on two of the city's beaches - El Cabanyal and La Malvarrosa.

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The technologies used (wiMax and Wifi Mesh, see the links section below for tech reference) allow access at high speeds in the area of around 500 meters (just under half a mile) from the access point. For El Cabanyal, the access point is the beach's library, Bibliomar, (which probably deserves a posting of its own - what a great idea! A library on the beach!)

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