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Quito's New Airport Needs a Name

Posted by Slavito in Quito on 26/Mar/2012
Quito's New Airport
Quito's new international airport is scheduled to open in October of this year. Located in Tababela, northeast of the city, this new airport is being constructed using earthquake-resistant techniques and materials. The government is pinning its hopes on the airport's ability to turn Quito and, by extension, Ecuador, into a regional tourism and commerce hub.

The mildly odd part about all this is that the airport is still not named, although at this point, only four options are short-listed (“Mitad del Mundo,” “Manuela Sáenz,” “Eugenio Espejo,” and “Carlos Montúfar”). I kind of liked the first one (which means the “Middle of the World”; it's also the name of a town north of Quito), although I admit that this slight preference may be explained by the fact that the other three names simply didn't ring a bell (I am never too ashamed of owning up to my ignorance). Wikipedia is my friend, though, so to save you the trouble, here's the lowdown:

  • Manuela Séaenz (1797-1856) was a “sentimental friend” to Simón Bolivar.
  • Eugenio Espejo (1747-1795) was Quito's first journalist (and hygienist).
  • Carlos de Montúfar (1780-1816) was an Ecuadorean military hero.
Hmmm... I still like the first option best, but feel more informed now. Also, I can't decide whether Montúfar's last name (mont-TOO-far) is a great or terrible moniker for an airport. Your take?

P.S. All interested parties are invited to vote before April 30th at

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