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Queen Mother Café
Posted by Sheryl in Toronto + Places on 29/Jan/2007
Queen Mother (Door) Certain restaurant reviewers in Toronto have a longtime habit of instantly dismissing the service at any Queen West establishment as having too much attitude. Maybe I'm immune to it, or maybe the black leather jacket and dark sunglasses I've worn for decades make me attitude-repellant, but it's a complaint I've never seen the merit of.

With one exception. I have walked out of the Queen Mother café almost as many times as I've eaten there, unwilling to put up with the really crappy service. I keep coming back, though, because the food makes it all worthwhile...

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Cinéma du Parc
Posted by Fernanda in Montreal + Places on 22/Jan/2007
Cinéma du ParcHow many more blockbusters would you be willing to drop 13 bucks for? Personally, I'm done with it.

However, I love cinema and will be the first one to admit that renting movies is not the same as going to a movie theater. A movie theater gives you the atmosphere, the sound and the focus. In the coziness of your seat, you are "inside" the story unveiling on the screen. For good movies (and I mean guaranteed good movies), you have to go to one of Montreal's répertoire (or repertory) cinemas, the best of which is Cinema du Parc.

I assumed Cinema du Parc had closed its doors a while ago, which I thought was unfortunate because it had left fewer available alternatives to watch good cinema. However, it recently reopened with a vengeance...

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Café Utopik
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 20/Jan/2007
UtopikA staggering number of chain cafes and coffee shops in Montreal haven't yet cornered the market on favoured hangouts. We Montrealers enjoy our home-grown locales. Café Utopik is such a place that seems to thrive on its independent situation...

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Beer Bistro Light Canadians have a reputation for loving their beer, but the mental picture most often associated with your average beer drinker is not generally a positive one. Loutish frat boys drinking cases of mediocre mass-produced brew is an image that lovers of good beer abhor.

One Toronto restaurant is determined to polish the reputation of both the drink and the drinker -- their logo says it all -- changing the way people think about beer.

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The Other Taste of India
Posted by Sheryl in Toronto + Places on 12/Jan/2007
Dosa Say "Indian food" to just about anyone and they'll swoon over chana masala, paneer, maybe tandoori chicken. Say the word "dosa" and their faces will get a confused expression.

India, like many countries that are long in length and encompass a variety of distinct geographic areas, has many different cuisines. Most Indian restaurants concentrate on the cuisines of the northern regions; heavy on dairy, tomatoes and meat. In the south of India and Sri Lanka, the food is very different. Dairy is rare, the spices are hot (deep fried chili peppers make a common and tasty snack) and the heavier breads of the north are replaced with large, light, crepe-like breads called dosa...

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Fairmount versus St-Viateur
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 10/Jan/2007
Fairmount Bagel Shop “MMMMMM!" was the exclamation of pleasure from a life-long New Yorker when first sampling Montreal bagels. This was high praise indeed. This Long-Islander went on to concede that these bagels even rivaled New York's otherwise unrivaled bagels. Montrealers have known for some time that their bagels were world class. In fact, beyond smoked meat and poutine, perhaps no food characterizes Montreal more than its bagels. Like their smoked meat brethren, Montreal bagels are originally a contribution of the city's sizeable Jewish community. And just as debate might wage between smoked meat at Shwartz's or The Main, a similar competition exists between Montreal's top bagel bakeries, Fairmount and St Viateur...

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Breakfast at Dusty's
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 06/Dec/2006
Pancakes - Dusty's, MontrealI awoke one morning after a night on the town with a desperate craving for a fast, filling, delicious breakfast to indulge my palate and soothe my aching stomach. Fortunately, the decision of where to go was easy: Dusty's, on the corner of du Parc and Mont Royal...

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Grande Bibliothèque Berri I've met quite a few people in Montreal, and all of them surprised me with the same statement: "I've never been to La Grande Bibliothèque". Worse, that would happen immediately after I'd answer the most common question, which is: "What have you liked the most in Montreal so far?" La Grande Bibliothèque is definitely one of the top things on my list and when I mention it many people seem surprised...

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