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Mill Street Brew Pub
Posted by Sheryl in Toronto + Places on 17/Nov/2006
Mill Street Sign You've seen it if you go to the movies. It's the backdrop for most of Chicago and parts of Cinderella Man. Walking the cobblestoned laneways of Toronto's Historic Distillery District is like a journey back in time.

Established in 1832, the Gooderham and Worts distillery grew to become the largest in the British Empire. Known as the most well-preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America, the Distillery District covers 13 acres and is made up of over 40 buildings...

One of the biggest complaints about the neighbourhood was the dearth of good restaurants. Balzac's coffeehouse offered sandwiches and crepes, but the other two restaurants onsite, run by the same management company that runs the entire complex, were overpriced and more than a little pretentious...

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Café Holt
Posted by Ree in Montreal + Places on 09/Nov/2006
Café HoltThe plaster dust from recent renovations has finally settled at Holt Renfrew, arguably the finest department store in Montreal. The store is shinier than ever, and designer clothing and fine perfumes await your every glance. However, if like me your idea of a good time doesn't usually include shopping, then you are in luck - Holt Renfrew is also home to unarguably some of the best in-store dining in the city. In fact, the basement Cafe Holt is a destination in itself, and not just for weary shoppers as I imagined.

Cafe Holt's modern decor is accompanied by a thoroughly modern gourmet menu, which is in turn centered around a very traditional bread....

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The Revue Cinema I once read a statistic that indicated Torontonians watch more films per capita than the residents of any other city in the world. It's not that we go to first run movies more than most people do, it's that we go to a lot more film festivals.

When someone says the words "Toronto" and "film festival", the natural assumption would be that they're referring to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the world's most well-respected gatherings of movie folk. While the TIFF is definitely Toronto's biggest and best known, attracting films, celebrities and celebrity-watchers from around the world, it's actually only one of dozens of film festivals that take place in this city throughout the year...

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Apple PickingTraditionally considered to be a classic "outing with the kids," apple picking is fun for really big kids, too (I happen to fall into the second category). The perfect place is only a half hour drive from Montreal, right next to Oka Park (for those of you who are familiar with its pristine beaches).

Saint Joseph-du-Lac is a town completely devoted to planting, growing, cultivating, juicing, and baking apples. In short, everything to do with apples except picking them - that you have to do yourself...

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Review Vinyl Bar
Posted by Alban in Montreal on 31/May/2006
Vinyl Bar (teaser)"Luba Lounge" is gone, and we've been mourning the loss. The next step in our grieving process was to visit Vinyl, which has taken its place on Bleury St. just below Sherbrooke. After a Friday night film fest at Cinema du Parc we decided to check it out. 

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Whale Watching in British Columbia
Posted by Ree in Canada on 19/May/2006
Whale Watching B.C. Whale watching in British Columbia was not what I imagined. My reverie of Free Willy frolicking in the sun was replaced by a freezing reality as we set off from the harbor.

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Fairmont Empress, Victoria, B.C.
Posted by Ree in Canada on 03/May/2006
Fairmont Empress, Victoria This very civilized hotel cannot escape from the wild island on which it stands.

The Fairmont Empress, a landmark hotel in Victoria B.C., stands beside the city's inner harbor. It is a restored turn-of-the century hotel, complete with rose gardens and a special lobby where high tea is served every afternoon.

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Entry Island Before going to Entry Island, I thought that the Magdelene Islands were remote. Entry Island is 20 9 miles off the coast of the Magdelene Islands, which are in turn many miles away from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

You might be a little vague on Canadian geography (as am I), so allow me to explain more clearly: this place is really far away from wherever you are. (unless, dear reader, you are an Islander yourself).

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