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The Butterflies Are Back!
Posted by Ree in Montreal + Places on 09/Mar/2006
ButterfliesOne of my favorite words to learn in any language is butterfly - or papillon, flutur, smetterling, farfalla, mariposa.....the onomatopoeic list goes on. The names are as pretty as the butterflies are, so I was intrigued when I heard that one of the greenhouses at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal becomes home for thousands of butterflies during the early spring.

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The Little Train of the North
Posted by Ree in Montreal + Escapes on 11/Oct/2005
Trail Quebec
Judging from the 6 or 7 buses of Japanese tourists armed with tripods and zoom lenses that could launch canonballs I saw unloading beside Lac des Sables, the Laurentien mountains (a.k.a. les Laurentides) of Quebec possess fall foliage that draws a very international crowd.

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Whale Watching In Quebec
Posted by Slavito in Montreal + Escapes on 05/Oct/2005
Beluga Whale
There are two important things I learned from my recent whale-watching trip. One: whales come in all sizes, mostly smaller than you think. And two: whales are not dolphins!

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Part of the Eastern Townships, Magog is a small village on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. It's a half hour from the Vermont border, and about an hour (and a century or so) away from Montreal.

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Knowing that I am now based in Montreal, you, of course, expect me to send in aesthetically pleasing images of the Notre-Dame Basilica, the statue of Admiral Nelson or, should worse come to worse, the Palais des Congrès. And I am just going to be different and difficult, once again...

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