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Cité Multimédia (Multimedia City) - Montreal

District Profile

Located west of Old Montreal (Vieux Montréal), Cité Multimédia (or Multimedia City) is so small it barely qualifies as a separate neighborhood. Yet its architecture, character and history are so drastically different from that of its better-known neighbor to the east that it has become accepted as such.

To put it simply, Cité Multimédia, a former colonial city suburb, is an office/light industrial neighborhood that’s slowly morphing into a mixed-use one. Several condo building have been built since the early 2000s and with the support of the new residents, the area is slowly being transformed from a 9-5 noman's land into something a bit more diverse and interesting.

Many technology and design companies have made Cité Multimédia their home and the name of the neighborhood itself is derived from the name of the government-subsidized office complex built in its core.

You may want to visit this neighborhood if you're a fan of modern architecture. Many buildings (mostly office, some residential) are considered architectural success stories, especially in the way that the new architecture fits the older industrial setting. If, on the other hand, modern architecture and older industrial buildings don't interest you all that much, there's practically nothing to see here - feel free to scratch the neighborhood off your itinerary.

Photos of the District