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Old Montreal Cafés and Restaurants

The following are restaurants and cafés in Old Montreal that we profiled:

  • Aix Cuisine du Terroir
    711 Côte de la Place d'Armes (Old Montreal), (514) 904-1201
    Aix offers French-inspired "country" cuisine.

  • Bonaparte
    443 rue St-François-Xavier (Old Montreal), (514) 884-4368
    A romantic Classic French restaurant. Three meticulously appointed dining rooms. The service is good, although somewhat formal. Although many patrons are tourists (the restaurant is located downstairs from a small hotel), Le Bonaparte is definitely not a tourist trap - it is well-known and respected in the city.

  • Chez Queux
    158 rue St-Paul Est (Old Montreal)
    Traditional French cuisine.

  • Gibby's
    298 place d'Youville (Old Montreal), (514) 282-1837
    A well-known steak and seafood restaurant. Cabs waiting in line outside will give you an indication of its popularity.

  • La Gargote
    351 Place d'Youville (Old Montreal), (514) 844-1428
    Although the word “Gargote” means “cheap restaurant” or “diner” in French slang, this bistro actually offers fairly upscale versions of classic French dishes (with some North African influences).

  • Olive + Gourmando
    351 rue St-Paul Ouest (Old Montreal), (514) 350-1083
    An extremely popular café-bakery (so popular, in fact, that sometimes it's difficult to get a seat as there are only about a dozen tables). Passable coffee and excellent pastries made in-house.

  • Titanic
    445 rue St-Pierre (Old Montreal), (514) 849-0894
    A semi-basement café serving breakfast and lunch (weekdays only).

  • Veritas
    480 Boulevard St-Laurent (Old Montreal), (514) 510-7775
    A modern café serving healthy food and first-class (but "third-wave") coffee.

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