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Institut du Tourisme et d'Hôtelerie du Québec

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Address:    3535 rue St-Denis
Montreal, QC, H2X 3P1
District:     Plateau Mont Royal
Phone:    (514) 282-5108
Web Site:


Originally a rather unattractive Brutalist building, the ITHQ was redesigned in 2005 by the architects of Lapointe Magne and Aedifica. The new "skin" has a dual role - it gives the building a more attractive "shell" and actually helps conserve heat (not a trivial use considering Montreal's climate).

Dining on Premises

Restaurant de l'Institut (Market Cuisine) (514) 282-5161: Since the ITHQ is also a culinary school, the student restaurant's presence on the ground floor (clearly visible from the street) is logical.


  • The original (1970's) design of the ITHQ was "awarded" the Lemon award by the Société d'architecture de Montréal for one of the worst new buildings in the city

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