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Veritas (Café Santé Veritas) - Montreal

Address: 480 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
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District: Old Montreal (Vieux Montréal)
Category: Cafés

Veritas: Bar

Veritas owner prepares a coffee at the bar

Clean, modern, and (relatively) spacious, this café may not jibe, decor-wise, with the prototypical image of a cosy java joint, but there is a reason for that: besides coffee, Veritas serves a whole menu of delicious and healthy food options: salads, sandwiches, and even hot meals.

Make no mistake, however: the coffee part of the business is not neglected. With a high-end Synesso machine, a selection of gourmet-roast beans from 49th Parallel (Vancouver), and very competent baristas (the cafe’s owner can often be seen pulling shots himself), Veritas has for years enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as an institution of high-quality coffee in the city.

The café is located in the Old Port district, which is very convenient for tourists and conventioneers. Lunch (noon-2pm) can be (and usually is) very hectic, but otherwise the café always has free tables.