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16th Arrondissement - Paris

District Profile

Just like its slightly more centrally-located cousin, the 8th Arrondissement, the 16th district of Paris is largely associated with the rich, powerful, and conservative. A sizeable proportion of the country’s political and business elites live (or at least have properties) in the 16th. Walking around the district, you will probably notice numerous closed-off “private” side streets; entering them requires a key or a code for the locked gates.

Mostly a quiet residential district, the 16th Arrondissement nevertheless has a fair number of hotels. Since the district is very large, the prices may vary considerably depending on the specific area (although, we must note, price variations do not veer too much into the budget territory: mostly, local hotels are various shades of upscale).

To complete the picture, we will mention that many of Paris’s Michelin-starred restaurants are located in the 16th district.

Photos of the District

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