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4th Arrondissement - Paris

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In many ways, the 4th arrondissement competes with the 1st Arrondissement for the title of Paris’s most central district. It is certainly one of the most important districts of the city in terms of architectural landmarks (the famed Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris) is located here, and so are dozens of other historic and modern attractions).

The district comprises one of the islands that sit between the Left and the Right banks (Île St-Louis) and covers the eastern extremity of the Île de la Cité. It is also home to the Paris City Hall (Hôtel de Ville). The northern part of the district belongs to the loosely-defined Marais neighborhood.

The Île Saint-Louis is arguably one of the most romantic places in the city. It is connected by bridges to both banks of the Seine as well as to the Île de la Cité.

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