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Planned The Triangle Project
Posted by Hilary M. in Paris on 08/Jan/2009
Projet TriangleThe Parisian skyline is dominated by only several tall structures, notably the Eiffel Tower and the Tour Montparnasse; however, by 2014 the cityscape will welcome a new addition in the fifteenth arrondissement. Dubbed le Project Triangle, or the Triangle Project, the eventual construction by architects Herzog & de Meuron will measure up to 180 meters tall...

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Profile Centre Culturel Suédois
Posted by Hilary M. in Paris + Places on 26/Dec/2008
Centre Culturel SuédoisTucked along the narrow and muted streets of the Marais is a lively hub where citizens drop by to enjoy cultural food and thought-provoking artistic offerings.

However, there are no croissants or impressionists to be found; instead, you'll find doughy cinnamon buns and glossy photographs of Borås, Västergötland in western Sweden. Bienvenue to the Centre Culturel Suédois or the Swedish Cultural Center...

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Renzo Piano (2 buildings)Renzo Piano's name sounds as harmonious and striking as his architectural works. The Italian architect is perhaps best known for his design of the Centre Georges Pompidou, the unmistakable cultural center in the heart of Paris, and thirty years after its construction, Piano uses similar techniques in the new New York Times Building, but to a different end...

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