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Ree with a glass of ChampagneAttitudes to public drinking in Italy seem to be more lax than in most other places I've been to. This is hardly shocking if you remember that we're talking about a wine-exporting Mediterranean country, but still, what you can matter-of-factly do here may very well surprise your typical New Yorker.

One example: during the last Rome expedition of this site's core group of contributors (which neatly coincided with Ree's ?th birthday), we got it into our heads to finish the evening with a glass of champagne next to the Trevi Fountain. Guess what?

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Trip Diary When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do
Posted by Alban in Rome + Places on 19/Aug/2006
Roman Forum as seen from the Coliseum My fiancée and I were in Rome because I had to get a visa at the Canadian Embassy. While in town, we managed to avoid most tourist traps, staying at a reasonably priced hotel and working a couple of delicious meals into our busy schedule - all while remaining consistently vague about our nationalities... And of course, doing as the Romans do...

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Monkeying Around in Rome
Posted by Ree in Rome + Places on 28/Jul/2006
Rome Zoo: Monkey Pit When (or if) you ever get sick of all those remnants of the Roman Empire and that over-rated Michelangelo and you really want to forget where you are, check yourself into the Zoo in Rome. It's also one place in Rome where you probably won't run into your neighbors from Nebraska, your roommate from the hostel, or anyone other than Roman grandpas with little kids in tow.

The entire Zoo is in a gentle state of decay, and the reptile room was vaguely "under construction" when we visited (that is to say, Not Open). A few peacocks wandering around adds to the general mêlée, and the surrealistic atmosphere is sad but pretty...

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