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Denver Museum of Art
Posted by Lori in Denver + Places on 31/Mar/2007
Denver Museum of ArtBeing in the art field, I wouldn't normally think of Denver as a leading art center. But thanks to their new museum, they've secured themselves on the art world map...

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Indian Springs Resort
Posted by Lori in Denver + Places on 14/Mar/2007
Denver: Shallow Bath About 32 miles from Denver sits a tiny hippy oasis called Indian Springs Resort. Mud baths! Mineral Springs! "Private jacuzzis with beautiful mountain view!" This sounded like the makings of a relaxing vacation!

When we arrived at Indian Springs, my first impression was "this is it?"...

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Museum of Art and Design
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 10/Mar/2007
Museum of Art & Design The museum experience in New York is often overshadowed by the hard-hitters: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art and the Natural History Museum. A step below these museums are many other worthwhile institutions, although not as "famous." The Museum of Art and Design, across from MoMA on 53rd Street has an incredible collection of contemporary objects, innovative furniture, package design, ceramics and other design elements...

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MOMA: AitkenI've always loved the Museum of Modern Art. Even during its brief hiatus in [Queens] (which is now PS 1 Contemporary Art Center). The powers that be behind MoMA have a way of presenting work in an exciting and original manner, and I mean, how many ways can you really present art in a museum context? And of course, I'm impressed again with MoMA's latest project by Doug Aitken

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Denver: Bump and GrindI'm a typical New Yorker. Art lover. Cultural fanatic. Subway enthusiast. Chain restaurant hater. Drag queen lover. When I visit other cities, I'm always afraid of what boring restaurants I'll have to dine in. On a recent trip to Texas, I realized how absolutely spoiled with culinary delights my life has been in New York. I was also crippled being a vegetarian...let's just say I ate a lot of baked potatoes at Texas BBQ joints.

So I went to Denver. Bars are plentiful, as well as bar food. Which is fine, but not exciting. Then I was taken to brunch at the Bump and Grind. A rainbowed interior filled with pop art and collectibles greeted me. How cute! - I thought...

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Secret Museums
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 05/Jan/2007
PhillipsIf you've read the New York Times recently, you can't help but notice the craziness going on at the auction houses in New York. Paintings are selling for all time highs- I'm talking hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars. Meaning, the richest jerks get to enjoy the world's finest art- all to themselves. Imagine a Picasso or a Cezanne hanging in your living room?! Unreal. Unfair!

Well, thanks to a trip to Sotheby's with my grad school class, this outsider art lover found out something I'd wish I'd known years ago...

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The Parisian Underworld
Posted by Lori in Paris + Places on 25/Dec/2006
paris catacombs: skullsNo, not the Paris Mob. I'm talking about l'Empire de la Mort - The Catacombs!

The Catacombs span the entire city of Paris. The tunnels and passageways spiral in an incredible distance of 186 miles! Yet, the legal tourist area spans only about a mile. For a very low entrance fee (2.5€ 26 and under, 5€ 27+) you can explore the sectioned off tunnels for as long as you want. Just bring a jacket, it's 11 degrees C in there year round...

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Pink Pony
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 23/Nov/2006
Pink Pony (teaser)The Lower East Side is a great area to spend an evening, peppered with divey bars, music venues, boutiques and cafes. The West Village is home to more French Cafes, but The Pink Pony on the East side is one not to be missed...

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