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Kaiyukan Aquarium: FishiesJapan seems not-so-far-away these days. United and American have more flights going to more cities like Osaka and Nagoya, and often have last-minute sales for as low as $399… Roundtrip! I took advantage at a point when the price was so low it would have been a waste of money NOT to go.

I flew in to Osaka, but immediately hopped a JR train to Kyoto to visit a friend. He and I would make day trips back there to go shopping, or night trips to hit the clubs, but it wasn't really a top destination on such a short visit. However, on my way back to the airport at the end of the trip, I hopped off the train to check out a highly recommended destination: The Kaiyukan Aquarium....

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2007 Westminster Dog ShowSome of my life goals are a little unconventional. Mastering the accordion, traveling to every continent before I'm 30, going to Wimbledon (I've accepted that it will only be as a spectator at this point)— these are the things that fill my dreams. Last month, I got to check off one of the seemingly silly items on the list: going to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Finally, I'd get to root for Team Bernese Mountain Dog in person, at the Super Bowl of dog shows no less. Plus, it meant a trip to New York City. What more could a canine-crazy gal ask for?..

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Alexandrina LibraryMy head has been buried in books from the very moment I learned to read. History has always been my favorite. I still vividly remember Mr. Bongi's 6th grade social studies class, when we learned about ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. We'd chant “Hammurabi! Hammurabi!" over and over. I didn't always remember who he was or what he did, but the name was indelibly etched in my mind alongside Rameses, Cleopatra, and Alexander the Great.

Fast-forward fifteen years, and there I was in Alexandria, Egypt, named for that luminous conqueror now most unfortunately and inextricably linked with Colin Farrell. Nevertheless, it was with a lifetime of anticipation that I stood before the newly rebuilt Bibliotheca Alexandrina...

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