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Sir Norman Foster

Born:    01/Jun/1935
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Moscow in Foster Care
Posted by Slavito in Moscow on 25/Mar/2006
Moscow TowerWe Russians just don't know when to stop. Most people would consider this mental peculiarity a drawback. We, on the other hand, are proud of it (that's because we don't know when to stop being proud either).

This sweeping generalization applies equally to alcohol consumption and building skyscrapers. For proof, one needs to look no further than the "Moscow City" project that has been under development for the past decade. Many an architectural rendering has been discarded during this timespan - only to be replaced by drawings of towers that are bigger, better, badder. And more "Moscow". (Like Moscow actually needs vertical growth).

Last year, SiteBits wrote about the "Federation Complex" - two towers of 340 and 240 meters respectively. This year, this already feels too short. We need another tower and we're talking at least 600 meters...

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