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Marine Façade (Teaser)Although the construction of the new passenger port in St.Petersburg is far from finished (in fact, it won't be finished until at least 2011), the first cruise liner, the 292-meter long Costa Mediterranea, docked at a recently completed terminal on September 10th...

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Anna Nova Gallery
Posted by Karina in St.Petersburg + Places on 19/Nov/2006
A small art gallery in St. Petersburg, Anna Nova is well hidden but it's well worth the trek to find this diamond in the desert. Here's how to find it: walk some two blocks from metro-station Mayakovskaja, then walk down a grey path that winds through yellowish backyards, then turn left, and there it is! The way is certainly Peter-pan-ish: "second to the right, straight on 'till morning, that's where I'll be waiting" - with the only one amendment – there won't be Peter Pan himself to welcome you, but Pasha, the gallery-keeper (Barry's famous character doesn't bear any comparison with this real-life personage)...

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What is left for mama's boys (and girls) when all the clubs in the city are occupied by doped-up teens acting agressively towards perpetually high-strung art students? Where should we go, when cinemas are too dark for these prudish girls (that someone will use the cover of darkness for their own dark ways is the most common fear of an overage square), when creepy old ladies restrain our melancholic reflections in our philarmonic armchairs and our empiric attempts to find new concepts in old museum artifacts? The conclusion is obvious: head for a café...

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Ice Palace
Posted by Gromco in St.Petersburg on 22/Feb/2006
Ice House What do you do if you're a Russian architect wishing to please your tsar? Why, you build an ice palace in the Palace Square, of course! This architectural technique has been used, to varying degrees of success, at least twice in the past three hunred years. We're happy to report that the most recent application did not yet result in any decapitations or torn out tongues (the first one did). Yet for some of us, waiting outside for 2 hours with the Russian winter in full swing may be the modern day equivalent of these severe punishments.

Puzzled? Read the explanations and see more pictures of the Ice Palace in the article.

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