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Caixa Forum - Madrid
Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 15/Jul/2008
Caixa Forum - Madrid (teaser)Few makeover projects have been handled with such a degree of architectural audacity as the recent transformation of a disused electric station in Madrid's Las Huertas district into the cultural center La Caixa Forum - Madrid.

The Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron not only gutted the building, removing most of its interiors and changing its shape and size by conspicuously adding a layer of several floors, they also literally lifted it from its foundation, giving the whole structure a tense “suspended” look.

The resulting space now houses a cultural center with its own exhibition space, a large auditorium, a bookstore and a top-floor café...

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Sabatini GardensIf there's one place that symbolizes the quirkiness of Madrid's history for me, it is the Sabatini Gardens next to the Palacio Real.

Of course, it's not the quirkiness that draws hundreds of people here every day - the gardens are beautiful and for anybody who's tired of the city's heat (in summer), or crowds (all year round) it's a perfect place to chill, relax a little bit, read or just people-watch. And did I mention the location? Quite literally in the shadow of the Palacio Real, perhaps Madrid's most famous landmark: it just doesn't get more central than that.

But still, that's not the whole story. The whole story would need to mention a few quirky facts. Here's one, for example: the Sabatini Gardens are named after Italian architect Francesco Sabatini who... had nothing to do with them...

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Rooftop of La Casa Encendida
Posted by Gromco in Madrid + Places on 09/Aug/2007
La Casa Encendida: RooftopTo escape the traffic and the noise of Lavapiés/Embajadores district (south of El Rastro), head to the rooftop of La Casa Encendida. Located on busy Ronda de Valencia, La Casa is actually a hidden oasis of calm.

This free-admission community education center / gallery / multimedia library / performance venue has a wonderful rooftop where you can sit, relax, read, meditate or chat with other visitors – you choose. If you get hungry, there's a café downstairs, not to mention all the other things the center offers.

WHAT: Rooftop relaxation
WHERE: La Casa Encendida ( Ronda de Valencia, 2; Madrid 28012.  

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La Hora de Horchata
Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 23/Jul/2007
Horchata (Teaser)If the above title makes you go "¿La Hora de QUÉ?", you're not alone. Only a short year ago, I myself did not know what "horchata" meant, much less what it tasted like.

As it turns out, it tastes pretty good. If you're in Madrid, dubious, I'll tell you were to go to order a glass that will remove all your doubts...

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Bazaar in Madrid
Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 04/Sep/2006
Slavito @ BazaarWhen you get tired of all the "typical" Spanish food, when you want small dishes (but... please, no more tapas!), when you want to try something eclectic yet vaguely Spanish-themed, you might want to consider eating at Bazaar on the southern fringes of Madrid's Chueca.

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Bandeja de FaboritI've already talked about my abnormal interest in this very important meal and how those morning calories are hard to come by in Madrid. Well, given that nobody here eats much in the morning, you might as well do as the Madrileños do - that is, eat only un poco. But where?...

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VIPS: Breakfast in Madrid
Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 20/Mar/2006
Breakfast at VIPS in Madrid
Don't get me wrong - I love Spanish food. In fact, I adore it. I can't get enough of all that cocido, jamón serrano, chorizo and tortilla española, so whenever I am in Madrid, I basically eat in advance. Madrid is a city where I can go to a sketchy diner, sit on a bar stool at the counter pretending to be a visiting American, take out a French novel from my pocket... and still get friendly service along with a hearty, delicious meal - all for less than 10 euros!

But that doesn't help me solve the problem I encounter almost every morning. My problem is breakfast...

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