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Café Utopik
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 20/Jan/2007
UtopikA staggering number of chain cafes and coffee shops in Montreal haven't yet cornered the market on favoured hangouts. We Montrealers enjoy our home-grown locales. Café Utopik is such a place that seems to thrive on its independent situation...

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Fairmount versus St-Viateur
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 10/Jan/2007
Fairmount Bagel Shop “MMMMMM!" was the exclamation of pleasure from a life-long New Yorker when first sampling Montreal bagels. This was high praise indeed. This Long-Islander went on to concede that these bagels even rivaled New York's otherwise unrivaled bagels. Montrealers have known for some time that their bagels were world class. In fact, beyond smoked meat and poutine, perhaps no food characterizes Montreal more than its bagels. Like their smoked meat brethren, Montreal bagels are originally a contribution of the city's sizeable Jewish community. And just as debate might wage between smoked meat at Shwartz's or The Main, a similar competition exists between Montreal's top bagel bakeries, Fairmount and St Viateur...

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Breakfast at Dusty's
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 06/Dec/2006
Pancakes - Dusty's, MontrealI awoke one morning after a night on the town with a desperate craving for a fast, filling, delicious breakfast to indulge my palate and soothe my aching stomach. Fortunately, the decision of where to go was easy: Dusty's, on the corner of du Parc and Mont Royal...

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