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New York is divided into 5 districts called boroughs. All but one of them are million-plus behemoths that could easily be called cities in their own right. Nevertheless, the original New York, and still the place with the most things to see, is the island of Manhattan.

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Trip Diary Walking Over the Brooklyn Bridge
Posted by Lori in New York on 14/Nov/2006
Brooklyn Bridge (Tile) Probably one of the most famous bridges in the world, The Brooklyn Bridge totally lives up to its reputation. Many of my friends who have lived in New York for years have never journeyed over it. Tourists from around the world come and walk it, why don't we? So I decided it was my time to do the deed. I took the E to the first stop in Brooklyn, High Street, which is literally next to the entrance to the bridge. In no time, I was approaching the famous lines of cables that support the suspension. Unlike other Manhattan bridges, the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge is in the center, rather than on the sides, providing an expansive view of the city in front of you...

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Conservatory Garden
Posted by Philip in New York + Places on 10/Nov/2006
Conservatory Garden: Pattern In New York City, you're more likely to see a butterfly tattoo than you are an actual butterfly. You'll probably see more flower-selling than flowers growing. Bombarded as New Yorkers are by honking horns, flashing lights, jackhammers, sirens and psychoses, it's important to find some places where you can get away. Where the noise dies down a bit, and the flow of people slows to a comfortable trickle.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park is just that kind of place...

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Sky Mirror @ Rockefeller Center
Posted by Lori in New York on 07/Nov/2006
Skymirror- Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center is a symbol of New York. The annual lighting of the giant Christmas tree and the iceskating rink infront of is has come to define Christmas in New York. Home to countless businesses, NBC, Christie's auction house and retail shops, Rockefeller Center IS New York.

Emphasizing this, artist Anish Kapoor designed an installation highlighting this notion. The Sky Mirror, a temporary exhibition, is a giant concave disk made of stainless steel, and placed at the entrance to the Rockefeller Compound on 5th Avenue. The giant mirror reflects the top of the center and the sky, bringing it to the ground on 5th Avenue. The opposite concave side reflects the hustle and bustle of the street. The sculpture, although physical, represents a window or a view, rather than being an object itself.

Kapoor also designed the permanent famous "giant bean", called Cloud Gate at Chicago's Millenium Park. Also made of stainless steel, Cloud Gate warps Chicago's skyline, bringing it closer and framing the viewer.
Union Square Market
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 30/Oct/2006
Union Square Market (teaser tile) If you are anything like me and you live in New York, going grocery shopping is a nightmare. I feel like a loser lugging those old lady carts across town, but decent grocery stores are few and far between. I've actually found myself attempting to create a healthy diet based solely on the inventory of my corner deli. After contemplating buying a pale peach colored tomato, I decided ENOUGH! I need nutrients! I want to remember what real vegetables taste like, and not just some shriveled mass posing as produce...

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A Fall Day in the Hamptons
Posted by Lori in New York on 17/Oct/2006
Apple Day Canadians aren't the only ones who get to delight in autumnal apple picking. Even the young at heart of the big city can enjoy the pleasures of fall! A day in the country picking apples is just an hour or two away from the Big Apple.

Long Island is home to countless pick-your-own farms, and is a cinch to get to from NYC. With these last Indian summer days, its prime time for an escape to the farm before winter sets in...

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Socrates Sculpture Park
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 09/Oct/2006
Socrates Sculpture Park Until 1986, the site of the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens, was an illegal riverside landfill, abandoned and ugly.

A group of local artists got together and decided to turn the area into a park and outdoor museum...

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Hot Bamn!
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 05/Oct/2006
It's 5 am. You've just wandered from the far east side of Alphabet City, in search of pizza, a hot sandwich, SOMETHING that isn't deli chips. But everything is closed!

Wander no more! Hot food awaits at the corner of St. Marks and 2nd Avenue in the East Village...

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Grassroots Tavern
Posted by Philip in New York + Places on 02/Oct/2006
Grassroots Tavern Sign On my first visit to Grassroots Tavern, I accepted a $3 pint of Red Hook ESB from the bartender—which in New York City, is a pleasant surprise in and of itself. Being one of New York's many subterranean drinking dens, the place has a basement feel—with low, ornate tin ceilings and weathered wood surroundings. There was a cat walking the wooden planks, which had been blackened from over sixty years of drunken shuffling. The bartender, an efficient man in his sixties, worried out loud that the cat might get downstairs into the basement.

I started to feel a bit like I was in someone's home, and that's always a good sign...

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