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Nota Bene

Dispatch from Montreal | Published : 13/Aug/2007 01:02

Nota Bene: The Store

I remember the first time I walked by the Nota Bene store on Avenue du Parc, in November, 2004. A series of colorful German-made notebooks with aluminum edges were shown in the display window and I immediately thought “I am going to spend a lot of money here”. And, sure enough, over the following three years, I did.

Nota Bene sells an amazing array of imported designer stationery items – mostly of European and Japanese origin. If you’re the type who prefers to think with a pen or a pencil in their hands, chances are you’re going to love this store.

For note- and sketch-book snobs, there are dozens of high-quality items of which the now-ubiquitous Moleskine would probably be one of the less interesting brands (speaking of sketchbooks, my personal preference, since 2005, is Bindewerk). There are also pens, pencils, multilingual organizers, high-quality paper, envelopes, folders and binders (in all possible Japanese and European formats, it seems) and countless curiosity items like giant staples and translucent rulers - all priced within reason (although the store is definitely no Dollarama) and available in different colors for those of us crazy enough to color-code our lives de bout en bout.

The owner, Russell, who mans the store most of the time, will be happy to assist you in English or French↣ (or even German, should you so insist) and his enthusiasm for the products he sells is infectious. Nota Bene (Latin for “note well”) is conveniently located on Avenue du Parc, a few steps from Sherbrooke street and just a couple of blocks east of McGill University.

Papeterie Nota Bene*
3416 Avenue du Parc
(514) 485-6587