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Bonne Journée from Crêpe Café

Dispatch from Montreal | Published : 06/Sep/2008 20:00

I've been looking for the perfect breakfast crêpe in Montreal for a long time. It hasn't been easy, but I think I've just found it. This treat is called "Bonne Journée" and comes from the kitchen of "Crêpe Café" - a small café that is named after what it makes best.

Inside Bonne Journée, you'll find sausages (the good kind), eggs, bits of bacon, and some ham, all wrapped in a delicious crêpe served with a side salad and fries. All that for $8.75!

Bonne Journée

The morning crêpe

I've noticed Crêpe Café a few months ago - I think, it replaced a bookstore or something, but I've been putting off trying it partly because of what I believed to be a touristy location (Notre-Dame at Bonsecours in Old Montreal, barely two blocks away from the Place Jacques-Cartier, which is, of course, one big tourist trap). Well, here's one more reason to let go of your prejudice occasionally.

Besides my favorite, pictured above ("Bonne Journée"), the menu contains about two dozen crêpes of which I've also tried (and liked) Crêpe Suzette - apparently, one of the "hits" at this joint.

And, by the way, now that the tourist season is over, the café is not as crowded as before. So, venez nombreux!

Café Crêpe
362 rue Notre-Dame Est, Old Montreal (Vieux Montréal)
Montreal QC H2Y 1C7