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Founded by French colonialists in 1642, Montreal is a unique city that effortlessly blends many cultures (most prominently, Canadian / North American and Québecois French, but nowadays, thanks to a healthy inflow of immigrants in the late 20th/early 21st century, just about every other, too). Its architecture reflects this mixed heritage. It's a city that allowed Toronto to usurp the status of Canada's financial capital, but remains focused on its core strengths: education, research, the arts, and.. joie de vivre. Let Toronto have all the banks! Without a doubt, Montreal is the most interesting large city to visit in Canada.


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Montreal is an island city divided into an ever-shifting number of boroughs (arrondissements) - a fact that is all but irrelevant for most city visitors because, arguably, only two of those boroughs (Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal) contain absolute must-visit destinations.

The situation is further muddled by the fact that the political boundaries of Montreal-the-city do not match the geographical boundaries of Montreal-the-island: there are on-island municipalities that are not considered part of Montreal - at least, not formally. Most of those are suburban in character and their exact administrative status is rather a moot point, but some, like Westmount, are located virtually blocks away from the downtown core.

Plateau Mont Royal


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