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  • Paris Pharmacies: How to handle the "typical" Parisian pharmacy and where to go when you want the familiar (to North Americans, anyway) setup of self-service aisles.
The escargot-shaped map of Parisian boroughs (or arrondissements in local parlance) provides city residents with a surprisingly accurate way to socially and geographically pigeonhole any address in Paris, be it residential, commercial, or otherwise.

The old (and rather simplistic) Left-vs-Right Bank distinction has all but disappeared: nowadays, the Left Bank is just as bourgeois as the Right, perhaps even more so, and the city's few remaining blue-collar areas are mostly on the Right Bank (albeit on its fringe). Its role has been taken over by a much more nuanced picture, in which some of the old stereotypes hold and others have lost any relevance, some formerly poor areas have become cool and fashionable and rather expensive, some of the richest places have become a bit sketchy, and at least one majestic shopping avenue has been all but taken over by certain low-end international brands.

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