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Little Burgundy (Petite-Bourgogne) - Montreal

District Profile

The area, sandwiched between Griffintown and Saint-Henri, contains an interesting stretch of antiques shops along Rue Notre Dame (between Rue Guy and Rue Atwater). The same stretch of the street contiains most other establishments of interest in Little Burgundy, including pretty much all of its restaurants.

Gentrification has been proceeding apace and as of 2012 is rather evident in weekend brunch lines (consisting of young hip folk) near popular spots such as the cheekily named Quoi de n'Oeuf?[*] on Rue Notre-Dame. That said, Little Burgundy is still better avoided at night since it contains several housing projects which periodically make local news with shootings. Nothing on the scale of large housing projects à la NYC, but still...

*: A clever play on “quoi de neuf?” (what's new?). Oeuf means egg.

Photos of the District