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Why Faborit is my Favorite. Reason #1: Breakfast

Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 25/Aug/2006
Breakfast at Faborit
Photo: Slavito
I've already talked about my abnormal interest in this very important meal and how those morning calories are hard to come by in Madrid. Well, given that nobody here eats much in the morning, you might as well do as the Madrileños do - that is, eat only un poco.

But where?

* * *

Allow me to offer a suggestion. My favorite "local" breakfast spot is Cafe Faborit. Aptly named and perhaps later I'll post more reasons why this name is not an exaggeration. But let's start with the first reason - breakfast. Here's what I ate this morning (see illustration):

  • Un café con leche (the foamy substance)
  • Una napolitana (a croissant-like pastry with a little chocolate inside)
  • Un zumo de naranja (orange juice)
Faborit: entrance Total, 3.15€. Comes with a wet napkin (sorry, the real-life version doesn't have the name of our site printed), so don't worry about the sticky bits of the napolitana and residual coffee foam on your lips. Need I say that your zumo will be freshly squeezed right there and then?

You can eat at la barra or ask for una bandeja (tray) and sit down at a comfortable table, grab one of the newspapers the café subscribes to (the only one in English is the Financial Times which is fine by me) and start your morning with some world news in a world-class café. ¡Qué vida!

Calle Alcalá, n 21
Madrid, Spain
(m) Sevilla - right next to the exit
(m) Sol - 2 min walk

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