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Cinéma du Parc

Posted by Fernanda in Montreal + Places on 22/Jan/2007
How many more blockbusters would you be willing to drop 13 bucks for? Personally, I'm done with it.

However, I love cinema and will be the first one to admit that renting movies is not the same as going to a movie theater. A movie theater gives you the atmosphere, the sound and the focus. In the coziness of your seat, you are "inside" the story unveiling on the screen. For good movies (and I mean guaranteed good movies), you have to go to one of Montreal's répertoire (or repertory) cinemas, the best of which is Cinema du Parc.

Cinéma du Parc I assumed Cinema du Parc had closed its doors a while ago, which I thought was unfortunate because it had left fewer available alternatives to watch good cinema. However, it recently reopened with a vengeance.

Cinema du Parc is run by serious film lovers – people who appreciate good cinema and are committed to bringing this art form to the public. They also make it affordable with great deals like "2 for 1" admission and the Frequent Customer Card, either of which will get you in for less than $5.

The theatre attracts a great diversity of people, matching the variety of the movies on the bill. In one recent week, they were showing films from Spain, Mexico and Korea. If you ask me, this definitely beats the prospect of going to see Will Smith one more time.

Cinema du Parc has been a really nice experience for me because as much as I love the sobriety and seriousness of other repertory theatres, this one keeps the independent spirit alive with small screening rooms, the scent of popcorn and do-it-all employees who solemnly run the small theater.

The greatest thing about Cinema du Parc is that they show movies in their original versions – not dubbed, which is something that makes me suffer. I've never liked dubbed movies or TV shows. I need to see them in their original version, even if the original actor has an annoying voice. I need to have the voice match the movement of the lips. Happily, I can see original versions at Cinema du Parc, where some movies are subtitled in French, others in English.

So in this weather, which is unpredictable though always cold, treat yourself to a good movie at one of Montreal's signature cinemas, Cinema du Parc.

Cinéma du Parc
3575 ave du Parc

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