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De Liceu Station Renovated

Posted by Gromco in Barcelona on 01/Sep/2008
De Liceu
A few weeks ago, a round of renovations was completed at the de Liceu metro station (línea 3) in the Rambla, reported local transportation authority, TMB. All in all, four halls and two platforms were given a complete make-over at a total cost of 2.5 million euro. This phase of renovations took one year.

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Specifically, the TMB replaced pavements and stairs, redecorated walls and ceilings, installed new low-energy consumption lighting systems, performed upgrades on the alarm systems and put in new security barriers. The platforms are now handicap-accessible and new elevators were installed earlier, in April.

The TMB is leaving some space for future work - for example, at the completion of the second phase of renovations, the walls will feature glass-covered dioramas showcasing the buildings around La Rambla.

The station was built in 1925 and last renovated in 1968.

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