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New Hilton Garden Inn / Centre-ville

Posted by Gromco in Montreal + Places on 16/Sep/2008
Hilton Garden Inn (Centre-ville)
The hotel is definitely changing Montreal's skyline. In the photo above, taken at the end of August, the hotel's main tower, still under construction, is seen from the McGill University campus.
Construction crews are still crawling over the central tower of the new Hilton Garden Inn on Rue Sherbrooke, but the hotel is already open for business, as made evident not only by the banner that says as much, but also by a quasi-permanent line of cabs picking up departing guests.

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The hotel's location - almost at the corner of Rue de Bleury and Rue Sherbrooke may not be very "atmospheric" (it is downtown, after all), but is extremely convenient for business folks, as well as for festival goers, parents visiting McGill or Concordia students and pretty much everybody who needs to be close to downtown during their trip.

Overall, looking at the hotel's brochure, it seems that HGI-Centre-ville is a fairly typical large mid-market hotel catering mainly to business and weekend travelers, with the additional bonus of being brand new. Think high-speed internet and flat-screen TV's in every room.

By far the most remarkable thing about HGI is the height of its main tower: it changes the skyline views from almost every direction.

Hilton Garden Inn
380 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest (Downtown Montreal)
Montreal, QC H3A 0B1

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