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Jacques Herzog

Born:    19/Apr/1950

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Planned The Triangle Project
Posted by Hilary M. in Paris on 08/Jan/2009
Projet TriangleThe Parisian skyline is dominated by only several tall structures, notably the Eiffel Tower and the Tour Montparnasse; however, by 2014 the cityscape will welcome a new addition in the fifteenth arrondissement. Dubbed le Project Triangle, or the Triangle Project, the eventual construction by architects Herzog & de Meuron will measure up to 180 meters tall...

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Caixa Forum - Madrid
Posted by Slavito in Madrid + Places on 15/Jul/2008
Caixa Forum - Madrid (teaser)Few makeover projects have been handled with such a degree of architectural audacity as the recent transformation of a disused electric station in Madrid's Las Huertas district into the cultural center La Caixa Forum - Madrid.

The Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron not only gutted the building, removing most of its interiors and changing its shape and size by conspicuously adding a layer of several floors, they also literally lifted it from its foundation, giving the whole structure a tense “suspended” look.

The resulting space now houses a cultural center with its own exhibition space, a large auditorium, a bookstore and a top-floor café...

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Patterns Of Japan
Posted by Noelia in Tokyo & Kyoto on 04/Aug/2006
Patterns of Japan
The replication wonders of Japan never cease....

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