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New York is divided into 5 districts called boroughs. All but one of them are million-plus behemoths that could easily be called cities in their own right. Nevertheless, the original New York, and still the place with the most things to see, is the island of Manhattan.

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2007 Westminster Dog ShowSome of my life goals are a little unconventional. Mastering the accordion, traveling to every continent before I'm 30, going to Wimbledon (I've accepted that it will only be as a spectator at this point)— these are the things that fill my dreams. Last month, I got to check off one of the seemingly silly items on the list: going to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Finally, I'd get to root for Team Bernese Mountain Dog in person, at the Super Bowl of dog shows no less. Plus, it meant a trip to New York City. What more could a canine-crazy gal ask for?..

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Museum of Art and Design
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 10/Mar/2007
Museum of Art & Design The museum experience in New York is often overshadowed by the hard-hitters: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art and the Natural History Museum. A step below these museums are many other worthwhile institutions, although not as "famous." The Museum of Art and Design, across from MoMA on 53rd Street has an incredible collection of contemporary objects, innovative furniture, package design, ceramics and other design elements...

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MOMA: AitkenI've always loved the Museum of Modern Art. Even during its brief hiatus in [Queens] (which is now PS 1 Contemporary Art Center). The powers that be behind MoMA have a way of presenting work in an exciting and original manner, and I mean, how many ways can you really present art in a museum context? And of course, I'm impressed again with MoMA's latest project by Doug Aitken

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Secret Museums
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 05/Jan/2007
PhillipsIf you've read the New York Times recently, you can't help but notice the craziness going on at the auction houses in New York. Paintings are selling for all time highs- I'm talking hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars. Meaning, the richest jerks get to enjoy the world's finest art- all to themselves. Imagine a Picasso or a Cezanne hanging in your living room?! Unreal. Unfair!

Well, thanks to a trip to Sotheby's with my grad school class, this outsider art lover found out something I'd wish I'd known years ago...

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Pink Pony
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 23/Nov/2006
Pink Pony (teaser)The Lower East Side is a great area to spend an evening, peppered with divey bars, music venues, boutiques and cafes. The West Village is home to more French Cafes, but The Pink Pony on the East side is one not to be missed...

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Posted by Lori in New York on 22/Nov/2006
Shop WindowWindow dressing seems to be an art form that is taken very seriously only in New York. Bergdorf Goodman's window design department not only occupies an entire floor of their 57th Street store, but also inhabits a large warehouse across the river in Queens.

Each season, Director David Hoey's elaborate visions enliven the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street- adjacent to Central Park and the Plaza hotel. The windows have become more than just a place for showing off the wares for sale at Bergdorf's, but a venue for exquisite installation narrative art. Using designer clothing, antiques, original art works and other borrowed props (this Halloween features a skeleton horse!), the windows are somewhat of an art gallery on their own. I am a big supporter of art for art's sake, which seems to be less common in the United States as opposed to Europe...

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Drifting Through Brooklyn
Posted by Keith in New York on 21/Nov/2006
Brooklyn KayakWhen you look at a list of the world's top paddling spots, it's unlikely that you'll find Brooklyn, New York. And it's even less likely that you'll find the Gowanus Canal, a narrow sliver of water that cuts its way from Gowanus Bay through the industrial zones of Red Hook, South Brooklyn, and Park Slope. It's not exactly what you might call scenic, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. It's lined by crumbling warehouses, generating plants, shadowy factories, Coast Guard fuel depots, and even a Home Depot. It meanders beneath the Gowanus Expressway, one of the busiest highways in New York City, and has been referred to as the most polluted waterway in America. A slick, rainbow film of oil and other chemicals gives the water in the canal a colorful, shimmering candy coating that would be beautiful at sunset if it didn't smell like cold metal and gunpowder and leave a disturbing acrid taste in the air. Visibility in the water is almost zero, and any trip across it is highlighted by an overpowering fear that you might get some on you. And yet still, people put paddle to battery-scented water and get both a unique view of New York and a first-hand understanding of how a neighborhood and an ecosystem can flourish, die, and then struggle to be reborn...

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Cupcake Quest
Posted by Lori in New York + Places on 18/Nov/2006
CupcakeThanks to Sex in the City, Magnolia Bakery in the West Village has a permanent line around the block. I'm not joking. The first time I attempted to go there, I assumed because of the line they had table service. Nope. Just a line to get cupcakes! $3.50 cupcakes. Beautiful, big, amazing cupcakes!

But seriously, what local would wait in an hour line for a sugar fix? OK, probably me, until I decided to seek out other sources to satisfy my sweet tooth in this town....

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