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Places to Visit

In addition to the "European" atmosphere of Old Montreal, the city has many examples of modern architecture. Montreal also has several well-known museums.

Places to Stay

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Places to Eat, Drink, etc

Montreal boasts an extraordinary variety of dining options. As might be expected, French and Quebecois cuisines are the mainstay of the local restaurant industry, but the continuing flow of immigrants from food-happy countries has spiced things up significantly in recent years. For a quick snack with a cup of good coffee or tea, stop by one of the city's cafés.

Breakfast at Dusty's
Posted by Steve in Montreal + Places on 06/Dec/2006
Pancakes - Dusty's, MontrealI awoke one morning after a night on the town with a desperate craving for a fast, filling, delicious breakfast to indulge my palate and soothe my aching stomach. Fortunately, the decision of where to go was easy: Dusty's, on the corner of du Parc and Mont Royal...

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Grande Bibliothèque Berri I've met quite a few people in Montreal, and all of them surprised me with the same statement: "I've never been to La Grande Bibliothèque". Worse, that would happen immediately after I'd answer the most common question, which is: "What have you liked the most in Montreal so far?" La Grande Bibliothèque is definitely one of the top things on my list and when I mention it many people seem surprised...

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Café Holt
Posted by Ree in Montreal + Places on 09/Nov/2006
Café HoltThe plaster dust from recent renovations has finally settled at Holt Renfrew, arguably the finest department store in Montreal. The store is shinier than ever, and designer clothing and fine perfumes await your every glance. However, if like me your idea of a good time doesn't usually include shopping, then you are in luck - Holt Renfrew is also home to unarguably some of the best in-store dining in the city. In fact, the basement Cafe Holt is a destination in itself, and not just for weary shoppers as I imagined.

Cafe Holt's modern decor is accompanied by a thoroughly modern gourmet menu, which is in turn centered around a very traditional bread....

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The Butterflies Are Back!
Posted by Ree in Montreal + Places on 09/Mar/2006
ButterfliesOne of my favorite words to learn in any language is butterfly - or papillon, flutur, smetterling, farfalla, mariposa.....the onomatopoeic list goes on. The names are as pretty as the butterflies are, so I was intrigued when I heard that one of the greenhouses at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal becomes home for thousands of butterflies during the early spring.

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