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New York is divided into 5 districts called boroughs. All but one of them are million-plus behemoths that could easily be called cities in their own right. Nevertheless, the original New York, and still the place with the most things to see, is the island of Manhattan.

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Rowing in Central Park: GondolierSometimes being a tourist in my own city is my favorite thing to do. It gives me a fresh perspective on the city I love, and the break from my routine (subway, homework, class, subway, homework, class) inspires me to explore my terrain even further.

Typically, I associate most goings-on in Central Park with tacky tourists, but who's to say I myself am not tacky?! It was with great gusto and old New York romantic notions that I rented a row boat with my friends on the Lake in Central Park...

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Cities the world over have their lingo and New York is not an exception. Obviously. Fuggedaboudit is as much a NYC icon as the apple or the Yankees.

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MoMA Did you know that every Friday night at the MoMA (New York, of course) "Target" sponsors an event known as "Free Friday" from 4-8 p.m.? Yep, neither did I, when I showed up to explore the collection's new digs in midtown Manhattan, and to visit my favorites in the painting/sculpture galleries before heading out for a night on the town.

It seems as though le tout New York had the same idea, along with a few outsiders such as myself (and several thousand other tourists). As it turned out, this became more of a social visit than a serious conversation with the paintings, but it was an opportunity to see the new building in action - not just housing art, but welcoming people (and as mentioned before, it was a LOT of people).

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Museum of Arts & Design
The Museum of Arts and Design in New York is located directly across the street from the Museum of Modern Art, and lives completely in its shadow. You know it's a bad sign when the gift shop is more crowded than the museum. I should have known better, but went blithely ahead into the (3 count 'em 3) galleries. Red light number two was when the guard responded, upon questioning, that it might take 30 minutes tops to see everything.

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As we all know, the key to having a great time while traveling is preparing yourself with just the right amount of information and leaving everything else to good luck and inspiration.

If you stumbled upon this site while doing reasearch for your upcoming trip to NYC, you are already in luck. Beacause not only can you find some useful information here, but you can learn how not to look or behave like a tourist (even if you are). By looking and behaving local, you can have much more fun in the city and avoid most unpleasantries.

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